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County Barn Oil Paintings & Prints

My Canvas Oil Paintings and Prints - I am also an Artist as well as a Children's Book Author. I invite you to check out my oil paintings and prints. Most of my paintings are 11x14 and I hope you'll notice that my price's are very reasonable, especially for an Original Canvas Oil Paintng. This is because I am a Maine Artist who is very much in love with the arts. I do need to make money, but I also enjoy bringing others the joy one gets owning a Beautiful Original Canvas Oil Painting. So I've kept each piece reasonable priced and each can be bought with or without a frame. I invite you to call me at 207-647-8377 or e-mail me with your choice of painting or print. Thank-You!

Prices: $150.00 (without frame)+ S&H
Prices: $250.00 (matted & framed) + S&H Shipping per USPS

Prints Only: $25.00 - $50.00

Availability: Usually ships within 5-7 days

My E-Mail

Country Barn #1 - (Click to enlarge)

photo 5


Country Barn #2 - (Click to enlarge)

photo 2

Country Barn #3 - (Click to enlarge)

<photo 2


County Barn #4 - (Click to enlarge)

photo 5

County Barn #5 - (Click to enlarge)

photo 6


County Barn #6 - (Click to enlarge)

photo 3


photo 6

Price: $8.96 (Poster Print) Take a look at my wonderful artwork. Something for everyone! .

Availability: Usually ships within 2-3 days